Keown hopes to gain momentum enter the 8 teams in the Champions League.

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Martin Keown, football analyst on TNT Sports wants Arsenal’s juniors to hold on to the momentum of their penalty shootout win over Porto and advance to the quarter-finals. Champions League again in 14 years, building on confidence until breaking through to win the English Premier League championship. That has been waiting for more than two decades.

The Champions League round of 16 game, second match at the Emirates Stadium yesterday. The ‘Cannons’ won in 90 minutes 1-0, 1-1 on aggregate, dragging to extra time and a shootout blame In the end. UFABET The London side were accurate 4-2 with the highlight being two saves from goalkeeper David Raya.

Because of this, Keown’s status as an alumni was lively. Until he let himself cheer on Head Coach Mikel Arteta’s team, building on his confidence to reach the English Premier League championship. When he was leading the pack at this time. 

“The value gained is momentum. This means that Arsenal can now prepare to travel to Manchester City in their next league game (31 March) with full confidence.” said the former unbeaten league champion in 2004. 

“The situation away at the Etihad Stadium is like entering the Tigers. We know they won six trophies last year – Man City are the big ones.”

“But Arsenal must be kind to fight the Tigers. At this time, I’m fully confident, and the results are in. Assuming that if we lost last night. We’d probably be depressed and have to go to Manchester City. Because at the weekend the Gunners don’t have a program to play in the FA Cup.” 

“But now I can smile and go up to challenge. Players will grow through the game through obstacles. Full of confidence.” 

“It was a big night. where they can feel that they have the potential to be a winner. Because I already know that I have entered the next round.” 

Meanwhile, the analysis pair Rio Ferdinand competes to put the brakes on Keown ‘s confidence. Don’t be too quick to conclude about Arsenal being the league champions. But what can be said that has grown is the relationship between players and fans. Home game time It has become a spirit that will definitely benefit the team from now on.