Rio says Odegaard should pursue a career in lockpicking.

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Rio Ferdinand, football analyst on TNT Sports praises Arsenal midfielder Martin Odegaard as being like a lockpicker. With his brilliant assist in the Champions League Round of 16 game. The second match that defeated FC Porto yesterday was consistent with Ally McCoist, the commentator calling it a genius play.

In the game at Emirates Stadium, the ‘Cannons’ lost the first leg 0-1. And then had to face Porto’s low blocking that was difficult to break through. UFABET 

Waiting until the 41st minute. Odegaard showed off his skills in receiving the ball in front of the box. And stabbing it into the left side of the penalty area for Leandro Trossar to shoot with his right. Escaping the defender and goalkeeper Diogo Costa tucked it in at the far post for a decisive goal. 1-0 

And at the end of 90 minutes, the result was a 1-1 tie between the two matches. Dragging the match to extra time and a penalty shootout. Which Arsenal did better, 4-2, advancing to the quarter-finals. Champions League again since 2014 

Captain Odegaard’s outstandingness makes Ferdinand compare to a locksmith who can get every lock. Crack the code for every safe. 

The former 2008 Champions League champion centre-back :

“It was a great coordination to score a goal. I think that was the only moment in the first half where we saw Odegaard appear in front of the Porto penalty area,”

“It’s not that surprising. Because we clearly saw that guy’s vision. He looped the ball into his left foot. That was Odegaard’s tricky move, then he stabbed through the hole the size of a pinhole.” 

“I have to admire the finishers as well. But the game of the players, movement and timing will be just right. It was his eighth assist of the season, tied with the entire season.” 

“Considering the time is very limited, You won’t find anyone who’s a better defender than him. The key was timing it perfectly, which Martin did with a stunning pass.” 

“Every inch is perfect. and a great finish.” 

McCoist is in awe of Odegaard’s genius, his first touch and the weight of his passes. While Trossar’s finishing ability has also been praised. 

Sport Mail gave Odegaard a score of 8.5 – out of -10 from last night’s game. Outstanding in terms of leadership , outstanding assists or sending the ball into the net in the second half but it was forfeited.