Conceicao sues Arteta for false gentleman insulting his family.

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Sergio Conceicao, head coach of FC Porto breaks the image created of Miguel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, who is not a gentleman as everyone sees. Because what kind of man dares to curse others’ families harshly?

The clash between the two head coaches occurred in the second match of the Champions League Round of 16 at the Emirates Stadium yesterday. Where the Gunners won in 90 minutes 1-0 on aggregate. The match was tied 1-1 and dragged into extra time and a penalty shootout. The conclusion is that the top team from London was more accurate than 4-2. 

After the match, Conceicao claims the local boss shouted insults and insults at his family. It is considered that the artist’s body is different from the test created on social media. UFABET

“What Arteta spat at our bench was in Spanish. That guy belittles my family.” Opening his mouth at the post-game press conference. 

“That guy should be focused on coaching his own team. The results of the competition were unfair. Our team deserves to advance to the next round.”

From the mouth of the 41-year-old manager of the ‘Cannon’. He zipped it up completely and refrained from commenting. 

“No comment on the matter, thank you very much,” Arteta said, his voice still mute.

This is not the first time that Conceicao has clashed with the manager of an English Premier League club on the Champions League stage. Dating back to the 2020 duel with Manchester City. The manager of the team, Josep Guardiola, also claimed that P was rude and used impolite words towards him as well.