Pochettino insists on selecting fit players to enter the field first.

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Pochettino insists on selecting fit players to enter the field first. Even though many injured people have return.

  • Pochettino will start players who are fit and ready to play 90 minutes. Even though many of the injured have returned
  • Reece James may play more than in the game against Nottingham Forest.
  • Ben Chilwell and Carney Chukwemeka are close to being fit but will have to wait and see.

Mauricio Pochettino, manager of Chelsea, gave an interview at a press conference.

Before the game with Brighton that although many players have returned from injuries, But he gives priority to recovery first. Therefore, he will not start players. Who have just recovered from injuries. But maybe give it a go and knock off the rust at the earliest possible moment.

“Players who have just recovered from injury need time to regain full fitness. And we didn’t have that time. So we have to choose players. Who can last the whole 90 minutes.”

“We will see again how many minutes https://ufabet999.app the injured players are ready to play. (In Wednesday’s game) we have the names and the players. But they are still not fit enough to play full-time in the Premier League .”

“Reece (James) is training well. But now we have to control his playing time. Because we want him to finish the season as healthy as possible. He is doing well. And we hope that tomorrow he can play more than the game against Nottingham Forest.”

“It was really good news in the last game when our players started to recover from their injuries.

I think Chilli (Chilwell) is close to coming back. They just aren’t complete enough part of the team. Carney Chukwemeka is too. We’ll have to evaluate whether or not they’ll be include in the team tomorrow. If not, it might this weekend.”

However, this is good news for Chelsea fans after the team was plagued by injuries all season. As a result, the form of play has obviously gone awry, with the Blues partisans having two more matches remaining, namely the game against Brighton on Wednesday night (Thursday morning, Thailand time) and the final game against Bor. Nmouth on Sunday, May 19, both of which are games that will determine whether they will play European football next season or not.