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Jordi Alba is an experienced left-back. It has been revealed that he is willing to take a wage cut in order to stay at Barcelona and allow the club to continue playing football within La Liga restrictions

. 200 million euros this summer This meant the club had to let off a number of players and Alba played less and less. and increasing age However, the 33-year-old insists he wants to stay at Barca and is willing to take a pay cut to stay with the club until the end of his contract in the summer of 2024.

At a good level It’s true that I don’t play every game, but I try my best when I’m on the pitch. And I try to help all my team-mates by supporting them off the bench when I’m not playing,” Alba said.

“It’s a new aspect for me. Because I’m usually lucky enough to play for several minutes. Not much this year, but I’ve played a few. And was happy with this role. It is important to help my teammates, be with them, give advice, and this is positive and motivating for me. the UFABET report

” /2024? Alba replied: “Yes, it’s a decision of the club and I’m always here to help when asked.

” But in the end, I am always there to help the club, no one can say otherwise. “

There are things that hurt, but you have to know how to live with it. I know my truth and am very calm. My intention is to help the club and both parties be happy.

“I feel good, I feel capable. and supported by coaches and teammates.”

“When I go down the street People greet me, I feel good and on days when I feel I can’t protect a club like Barcelona, ​​I’ll be the first to leave.