Betting Formula Dragon Tiger Let’s introduce a great formula

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In this UFABET online gambling website, there are many online gambling games to choose from. According to different camps, there are many interesting games that differ from each other. And of course, there is still one game that can be called one of the great online gambling games, that is Tiger-Dragon online. Let’s see the Dragon Tiger betting formula. that you can use to bet on.

Presenting the Dragon Tiger betting formula that you can use to bet straight away

  1. dragon card layout formula
    It is a basic betting formula, the principle is that when one side wins several times in a row. There is a very high chance that the next hand will come out in the same pattern for a long time.
  2. table tennis card layout formula
    is the issuance of cards that alternate for each side like playing ping pong Allow bets to alternate indefinitely. until the cards come out as the same pattern over and over again Then let us bet The formula for the dragon card layout can be continued.
  3. two-sided card layout formula
    Either side wins 2 times in a row and then changes sides 2 times in a row and comes back to the other side 2 times in a row. Therefore, let us aim two eyes next to each other and then change the side.
  4. The compounding formula
    will be a compounded bet, for example, the first round is correct, the next round bets twice from the capital. This formula is like a double-edged sword. If you get it, you get a lot. If you lose, the profit you have made may disappear completely.